Thursday, 14 June 2012

Over 1 million workers in the UK suffer work-related health problems every year

Largest provider of joined-up healthcare services.
A top UK health charity is urging employers to do more to look after the health of their workers.

Nuffield Health Group says 1.3 million people each year suffer work related ill health, some of which is due to stress like cardiovascular disease.

Group Chief Executive David Mobbs claims the NHS and Social Healthcare Bill is flawed and that UK health policy is dis-enfranchising the health consumer. Therefore businesses need to invest more in looking after their workforces.

Mr Mobbs says, "The big contribution employers can make is to do more to look after the well-being of their workforce. That is the new corporate social responsibility agenda for the future."

He points to the research of The World Economic Forum which shows that chronic disease now ranks in the top three greatest risks to global economic security. Research by The York Health Economics Consortium indicates that the rising cost of diabetes could bankrupt the NHS.

Mr Mobbs believes that health consumers want to become more engaged in looking after their wellbeing, but need to be offered the right environment with the right tools to do this. He says 70% of people who sign up for a Nuffield medical check with follow-on support improve at least one variable of their health.

The charity, which is now 50 years old, is the UK's largest provider of joined-up healthcare services in the UK, carrying out employee health assessments both in the workplace and at its two hundred corporate sites nationwide.

It believes that preventative health is the future of healthcare. The NHS will struggle, it says, to deliver these services in a meaningful way for the UK consumer. It will become essential for individuals to take control of their own health - ideally with the support of their employer. As a not-for-profit organisation, the charity is able to re-invest all surpluses into helping its clients and members to achieve this.

Nuffield advises many blue chip companies and runs over 50,000 health screenings each year. For the past five years, Nuffield has won the Flame Award for Integrated Corporate Wellbeing Site.

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